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'Your Love' Presented by Lakuti and Tama Sumo

Lakuti and Tama Sumo return to Cape Town with ‘Your Love’. The 18th January 2020 will see Wonderland Club filled with an aural education presented by the power DJs. Attendance is encouraged as a night of music transcendence and a celebration of community is guaranteed!

‘Your Love’ celebrates music’s rich tapestry and affords dancefloor revelers a moment to truly understand and feel the powers of music and what an appreciation for it can reap. Your Love was established in 2015 by Lakuti and Tama Sumo in Dalston, London. This enlightening party was a means to revolt against a Dance scene that relied on “heavy stacked up lineups” to create what it meant to promote and host a party. Your Love is a much-needed space that allows dancers and avid music lovers the opportunity to learn about the depths that music can take you to. You’ll hear everything from Disco, House to Techno, Afro and more. Your Love knows no boundaries when it comes to getting people moving through sound and united in respect and admiration for one another!

Get to know Lakuti and Tamo Sumo

Lakuti (Berlin)

Lakuti is a South African born, Berlin-based record label owner, booking agent, DJ, and event programmer. Lerato Khathi (Lakuti) uses her voice and agency to push boundaries within the music industry. Instrumental to so many DJs careers, Lakuti has helped shape a better world through music. Expect a humble education during Lakuti’s set.

Tama Sumo (Berlin)

Tama Sumo is a resident dj at Berghain / Panorama Bar since the world-renowned club’s inception. Known for creating various moods and atmospheres through music, Tama Sumo will get you dancing and feeling heightened emotions as you journey one with the sound.

Joining the Your Love founders at Wonderland Club

To get the year in full swing, Lakuti and Tama Sumo are joined by two Cape Town purveyors of the underground sound. Pierre-Estienne and Slow Motion City will bring their vast knowledge of music to Wonderland Club. Get ready for joyful and electric moments conjured by versatile sounds.

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