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My Mom Didn’t Tell Me About This

By Mandy Alexander

A mind running away within itself

Negativity sponging off the grey matter

Darkness building its temporary nest in the sulci

Pessimism running fluidly down a spiraling staircase

Consecutive days filled with irritability and negative self-feedback

24 Hours of convincing yourself that the future days hold more positivity

“Things will get better”, you tell yourself

Oblivious to the hormonal changes occurring

It’s as if your hormones are allowing you to reflect

On what is going on in your life

Turning every situation and experience into the worst circumstance

Hope declines but faith remains the foundation

That stops you from sinking into the quicksand of depression

It is only when you get some kind of signal from the universe

An instinct or life’s internal clock reminder

Tells you to check your calendar

Previous cycles are checked

Counting the days

Since the last day you bled

Then it hits

Aah… it’s PMS

Relief sinks in and hugs you like a hot bubble bath

You’re not depressed or heading down a blind path of crazy

As the blood begins to exit your uterus

Light settles in again

The veil of self-doubt and pity is washed away

Consciousness cleansed

Ready for a new cycle of days

Photo Credit: Jodi Windvogel